At IRS Environmental, we take pride in completing a job on time and on budget. We also value your project's individual needs and will do everything within our power to not just meet but surpass your expectations as well as E.P.A. and local agency regulation requirements. In order to do this, we offer a wide range of services that includes everything from demolition to dry ice blasting.

IRS Environmental has completed thousands of asbestos removal projects. Our experience includes small residential projects for as little as $150 to major projects over $1,000,000. We realize each project is unique. Each client has concerns and questions that can only be answered after a thorough investigation of building conditions, future renovation plans, tenant/employees peace of mind and the building owner's budget. IRS Environmental has provided large-scale confidential services to many clients who cannot risk the loss of customer traffic during the removal of asbestos materials.

IRS Environmental also specializes in full service demolition of lead containing building materials. We are a HUD Qualified and Certified Lead Abatement Contractor. We utilize the most cost effective, state-of-the-art abatement methods and equipment including dry ice pellet blasting and soda blasting. All work is performed at or above E.P.A. and local regulatory agency regulations.

IRS Environmental specializes in projects involving removal of lead paint from building components during the renovation of structures with historical significance as well. Our project list includes McCroskey Hall on the Washington State University Campus, the Golden West Lodge on Lake Chelan in Stehikin, Washington and Spokane City Hall.

If you are a mechanical contractor or industrial contractor looking for a safe, strong workforce with experience, IRS Environmental has completed industrial component dismantling projects in 20 hydroelectric facilities. We have completed boiler and chiller demolition projects in conjunction with large-scale energy upgrades at colleges, hospitals, schools and commercial and industrial facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest. One of the key evidence factors of a reputable contractor is how many times they are asked to return and do projects for the same client. We have an industrial dismantling list that includes multiple projects completed for General Electric Hydro, Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation, Washington State University, the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle City Lights, Quantum Engineering and Development, Gonzaga University and many others.

Our experienced professionals have demonstrated the technical and managerial skills needed to complete projects within our client’s schedules and budgets while meeting their site-specific needs, including the preparation of infection control plans prior to demolition activities in hospitals and health care facilities. Our project list includes the Premera Blue Cross Headquarters, Honeywell Electronics and Saint Mary’s Hospital.

IRS Environmental works with several Industrial Hygiene Providers, Certified Industrial Hygienists and Professional Engineers to provide mold remediation work plans and project designs for clients that serve a wide variety of needs from small residential bathrooms to entire residential houses, schools and commercial buildings. Our list of mold remediation clients includes US Bank, Riverside School District, Gonzaga University and Whitworth College.

This cutting edge technology offers a tremendous advantage over solvent cleaning, pressure washing and steam cleaning: there is no smell, water or mess to clean up!

It has great value for the fire restoration contractor, industrial electrical contractor, historical renovation contractor, printing and painting industry, pulp and paper mill industry, utility industry and any industrial plant, foundry or factory with machinery that requires regular cleaning of grunge, lubricants, insulation, sealants and coatings. Dry ice blasting safely and effectively cleans wood, flooring, wiring, hosing, robotics, fans, spray booths, electric motors, rollers and factory equipment.

This equipment can drastically reduce downtime during fire restoration projects. Soot and smoke damage can be eliminated from most surfaces. Black mold can be eliminated from wood structures quickly and effectively. Since dry ice blasting leaves no moisture, it is especially useful in servicing electrical equipment. Various contaminants can be removed from electric motors, including their housings, stators, wiring, windings and cores. CO2 blasting can also be used on circuit breakers and boards, electronic production equipment and electric control cabinets.

IRS Environmental has prepared over 4,000,000 square feet of floor surface using the Blastrac floor surface preparation system since 1991. Our operators are factory trained and experienced in using the equipment in real world settings. Shot blasting is a one-step method that strips, cleans and etches all at once, leaving the surface dry and chemical free without generating dust pollution. This allows coatings, stains or new generation concrete sealers to be applied immediately after floor preparation. The Blastrac machine is primarily known as an all-purpose cleaning and profiling tool for concrete floors, parking decks, road surfaces, ship decks, storage tanks, stone facades or flagstone walkways. Blastrac floor preparation system is the preferred method of painting and flooring contractors.

Using state-of-the-art equipment such as the Terminator, IRS Environmental has removed over 4,000,000 square feet of floor surface since 1996. We specialize in the removal of floor surfaces such as:

  • Carpet - power bond, enhancer, action, jute and rubber back
  • Tile (VAT or VCT) - including as much as 75% of the mastic
  • Sheet Vinyl - including as much as 75% of the mastic
  • Ceramic Tile - Remove Elastomeric coating

Let us help you reduce labor costs and shorten take up schedules by up to 50%, increasing job flexibility and saving time and money on tough jobs. If the reduction of lower back, shoulder, and arm injuries is a priority within your workplace, consider us for your next flooring removal project.

IRS Environmental has completed Hantavirus, histoplasmosis and psittacosis prevention and clean-up for clients such as Pacific Gas and Transmission (PGT), General Telephone (GTE) Avista Utilities, City of Pasco, and Spokane County. Standard operating procedures are based on guidelines as written by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID), and both of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Please contact us for more information about worker health and safety precautions during the disturbance of bat droppings, bird manure and rodent urine and feces.