About IRSE

IRS Environmental is a full service asbestos and lead removal company with over thirty years of experience serving the Pacific Northwest. As a certified licensed asbestos and lead abatement specialist, all projects are managed with the protection of the environment, employees and tenants in mind. IRS Environmental works hard to insure all of our environmental work is completed at or above E.P.A. and local agency regulation requirements.

Our company was originally established as Insulation Specialists in 1982. From the beginning we have been dedicated to quality, integrity and service. Building owners and managers have looked to us to provide the best work at a fair competitive price. General contractors and mechanical contractors know we can be counted on to keep renovation, remodeling and large mechanical dismantling project schedules on time and on budget with minimum interruption.

The IRS Environmental method:

  • Provide the client with clear, understandable abatement, demolition and mechanical dismantling recommendations.
  • Carefully explain the client’s options and how they may affect long-term and short-term operations.
  • A full time project superintendent is assigned to insure qualified and trained personnel are involved in the project.
  • An in-house tenant meeting can be arranged for groups of five to one hundred.
  • When the time comes to get the project done, we manage the hazards of asbestos, mold, and lead paint using the latest and most cost effective methods. We perform our work discreetly, making every effort to minimize attention to the abatement activity.
  • A project record is maintained throughout the project. All daily reports, air monitoring data and disposal records are included. The project record provides critical information when it becomes necessary to appraise, sell or renovate the property.
  • The IRS Environmental project record is your assurance the project has been completed as contracted by a licensed and bonded contractor you can count on.

IRS Environmental has completed projects for hundreds of school districts and major employers throughout the Pacific Northwest. You can check out some of our clients and completed projects here.